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Nature Tours

Indulge in our beloved "Nature Lovers and Coffee Cruise," a favorite among enthusiasts of both nature and fine coffee!


Embark on a scenic journey toward downtown while exploring the breathtaking Ross Island natural area. Throughout this immersive tour, we delight in discovering the diverse array of natural beauty and wildlife that call the river home.


Our itinerary includes a stop at the renowned "Salmon Subway," a vital passage guiding spawning salmon into the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge. Prepare to encounter an impressive variety of wildlife, from majestic bald eagles, osprey, and blue herons to graceful deer, turtles, playful otters, and industrious beavers.


During the fishing season, we may even witness the thrilling sight of sea lions in pursuit of salmon, adding an extra layer of excitement to this unforgettable experience on the water.

Pricing: $275 for 4 and $375 for up to 6

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